Remember The Rainbow: A little bit of poetic prose for those who have ears to hear.

owl rainbow

These were the inhabitants of the kingdom: the Ant, the Jay, the Rabbit, the Fox and some others. The kingdom being about three acres or so and the full extent of the world as they knew it. Before the storm came they each lived according to their way; each abiding in their own truth. The Ant saw the world very differently from the Jay, the Rabbit and Fox were naturally inimical, the Fish, who, here after, will not appear again, viewed everything completely differently and so on. When the rains came and the winds blew, some were greatly impacted. The tree housing the Jay’s nest came down, the Ant’s tunnels were completely deluged, the Rabbit was merely inconvenienced while the Fox was largely unaffected. When the howling of the terrible beast had ceased, among its retreating clouds a rainbow formed. Equally awed by this as they were the flashes and crashes that proceeded, the animals of the kingdom gazed in utter reverence, that is, until those crystalline droplets began to fade and the memory of it, not prone to linger in the minds of such creatures, began to fade as well. The damage however, was not forgot and now had come time for blame. Each coming with their own view and their own certainty, charged the other with having brought the storm. The Ant pointed to the Fox for his incessant and very offensive digging. The Rabbit was obliged to agree. The Jay, who had a higher view of things, assured the company that none had offended the Storm Bringer as much as the dirty little Ant. So intense was their in-fighting as to rival the storm itself. In fact, the matter of who was right became much more paramount than the task of recovery. In order to terminate their endless debate, the Owl was consulted. Who’s right? Who’s to blame? They asked. The Owl, who is very wise because he sleeps a great deal of the time, said forget the storm remember the rainbow.


God Are You There? A Bunny Story


A few days ago our family lost a beloved pet a bunny named Shylo. To us she was a member of the family; a person. Now, days later, I am still grieving… hard. No apologies.

When it all started I began to pray for our littlest family member with all the fervor I would for any family member or dearest friend. We Christ followers look for Gods hand in our circumstances. We are ever on the look out for signs of his loving intervention into life’s troubles on our behalf. We gather evidence that he hears us where we can. So it seemed confirmation of my prayers when circumstances lined up in support of Shylo. First a friend knowledgeable about bunnies just happened to be getting ready to take one of her pets to one of the best exotic pet hospitals in the region when she read an email I sent about the situation, it turns out she never checks email but just happened to take a look that morning, she got our rabbit there just in time for treatment. Later that day our bunny became critical. Fortunately it happened just before the doctor left for the night. Shylo was able to get an immediate emergency procedure with out loss of precious seconds and the list goes on. I considered these well orchestrated coincidences to be the intervention for which I prayed.

Over the course of the week Shylo improved. More answered prayer. On one night however, I was awoken by a voice stating she (Shylo) was gone. Meaning she passed away. It sounded like the voice of one of technicians taking care of our bunny. The vet provides round the clock care. There would have been technicians monitoring her at that very hour. It truly felt as if I had just over heard one of them speaking sixty three miles away. On previous nights I had called several times at two in the morning. I consider calling them but I decided to give it a minute. The phone was right next to me. I knew they would call me if something happened. No ring came so all was well. I pray often that God will visit me in my dreams. He never does. This voice, so clear it woke me from a completely unrelated dream, seemed to be something that could have come from God. But since the message did not coincide with what I hoped for I decided to attribute what I heard to my state of worry rather than any supernatural message. In the morning I called the vet to find all was fine.

In another day it was time to pick our bunny up. When we got her home we shared a few minutes with her before she went into cardiac arrest and was gone. Just like that. After everything. We were in in shock, devastated.

So… Was God interceding for Shylo? Was the odd alignment of circumstances a case of him responding to prayer? If He was not, then I (and so many of us) are too prone to superstitiously ascribe meaning to what are otherwise just instances of happenstance. If God was interceding early on what happened? Was it always part of the plan that we would get our hopes up, go through this ordeal so that she could die right in front of us once we had breathed our collective sigh of relief? Well that’s just cruel.

Like I said i am still grieving hard; sorting it all out. And I want an answer to this question. So in this mornings devotion I put it to him. Show me I prayed. Show me that you are present in all of this. Give me a sign you care. Then I threw out a fleece. Give me a sign I asked God, something at the grave site. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a red fern but something. Something out of place. I buried Shylo under a great pine. If something appeared beyond the usual needles and weeds I would notice.

Now I need to point out that I consider myself an intelligently superstitious person. In other words I am aware that I am assigning meaning to things that have no intrinsic message to me. For example I consider sighting certain animals to be a good omen, a gift from God as an occasional encouragement. My wife has taken to be the same way. I suppose I am a bad influence. We each have our animals. For me it is a hawk. I saw one fly over the lake as I began this mornings devotion. For my wife it is sighting a deer.

This afternoon we were about to head out on an errand. Grocery shopping. As we walked out I suggested we visit Shylo’s grave. My wife had not seen it yet. I knew it would be difficult for her. The bunny held a very special place in her heart. It was my wife who would often draw our attention to what the bunny was up to or would comment on what a great addition Shylo was to the family and how she brought us a sense of peace. My wife is grieving hard too. So we walked the short distance from our driveway around to the far side of the great pine under which Shylo was laid to rest. We took our moment at the grave and began walking back. We were both in tears. We got in the car which had us facing back in the direction we had just come. That is when I saw it. A fawn still with spots. It was following us coming from around the tree from where the grave was. The young deer stopped in front of us. We looked at it. It looked at us. Then after a time it just bounded off across the field.

Many will say that my friend just happened to check her email at an atypical time; that my dream was just a dream; that the deer was just a deer. Many will say this but… not me.