“In my writing I hope to move and inspire the reader. That I might provide them a lingering, meaningful experience is my greatest ambition. I caught the writing bug the first time one of my papers was read in class. It was in the seventh grade if memory serves. My freshman year of undergraduate studies I signed up for an English class and a journalism class with the intention of … well… being a writer of course. Unfortunately, those classes were full so I took speech instead and somehow ended up parting my Alma Mater with a degree in speech communication. I spent time in ministry serving as a college minister, associate pastor, youth minister and creative arts director in a number of diverse churches. I have always intended to return to my first love but life is full of … squirrel!… distractions. So now here I am giving it a go…”

Todd Strader is a spiritual seeker with a poet’s heart. While his path is that of the Christ Follower, he embraces those of other faith traditions and seeks wisdom wherever it may be found. He tunes his ear to the mystery and harmony of creation searching always for the resonant chord. He lives and writes in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. When not writing he can be found working at the local library. He shares a “home by the lake” with his wife and daughter.


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